How to remove tar spots from car

How to remove tar spots from carhow to remove dried tar from car

As a budding car owner, you must have had the frustrations of tar spots that frequently dot you vehicle exterior whenever you drive.

Unfortunately, asphalt is inevitable auto tarnish and yet it can permanently damage your car’s paint work.

But what is the source of these tar spots? Tar stains typically consist of road asphalt combined with oil or grease.  When you drive on new asphalt roads or those with potholes, the granules are lifted up and they streak the vehicle exterior, such as the doors, fenders, bumper, and so on. They can also reach the windows and the roof especially when you are skidding.

Removing the car is not as easy as the normal dirt, dust or mud. This is because it dries and bakes into the car finish forming rigid spots. If you don’t have the right products or follow the right method, then you risk damaging the car finish as you struggle to scrub the spots.

How to get tar off your car

For this you need a bucket, auto tar remover, microfiber towel or sponge, car wash and wax. The best car tar remover is a chemical solvent that should be able to break down the oil based asphalt and make it tender.

-Add one cap of the product to one gallon of dilute soap to wash car. This enhances the mixture’s strength to break down dried on tar and bugs.

However, in some cases the tar might have dried for ages and simply adding the remover to the normal wash solution won’t work on them. In this case you need to spot clean the stains.

-Add a number of caps into a spray bottle and dilute with water to a ratio of 6:1.

-Spray the spots repeatedly while holding the bottle a foot away from them to prevent dripping to other unintended surfaces such as plastic.

-Leave it for a minute to cure.

-Wipe the spots with the wet microfiber sponge or towel.

-Finally wash and wax the car as you normally do.

All in all, everything starts and ends with the asphalt cleaner and you need to know how to find the best auto tar remover.

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